Warehouse Mobile Solutions

Who Are We and What Can We Do for your Company?

HOJ Engineering has recently released a new mobile product that is meant to revolutionize your business. This product, WarehouseOS (WOS), is actually a set of applications made to replace the heavy, hard to carry around RF Guns that have been used for years.

These apps can be placed onto an iPad, which can then be mounted into a industrial level mount or enclosure so that it will be strong enough to last in a warehouse location.

How the Apps Work


There are various applications that work for many uses and with all data models that you currently have for your business; including accounting, orders, inventory and even management.

Perhaps the best feature of this system is that one iPad serves as host and can send information to and from the office and warehouse on a simple, lightweight, yet sturdy iPad “fleet” of tablets.

The Apps include:


Single Pick – For picking individual orders. This app works by turning green when the correct item’s bar code is scanned.

Batch Pick – For picking multiple orders. It works by simultaneously putting orders into the system and can hold up to 99 different orders at a time. Individual carts will turn green when the cart has the correct number of the item ordered. If there aren’t enough of each item, the cart will turn red and then you can adjust the quantity right from the app before moving to the next item on the list.

Pre-Pick – This works by picking and labeling before the order is released. This allows the picker/fulfillment team to work quickly when the order is confirmed.

Slotting – This helps in the warehouse by tracking pallets of products using bar code rack locations. This can eliminate the need for paper products all together and will make the pallets easier to find and inventory more accurate. You can even sort based on FIFO (First-in-first-out).

Verify – This is also used to rapidly verify that the order is correctly packed and ready to be shipped to the customer.

Cycle Count – This is the last application currently available through WMS. This is an inventory system that allows for more efficient and reliable numbers for your business.

Request a free demo of the WOS, by visiting the “Contact Us” page if you are still unsure if this is the system you are looking for.