WMS implementes Tablet Directed Order Fulfillment Solution at Ortho Developments

Warehouse Mobile Solutions, a logistics solutions provider, is implementing its’ state-of-the-art tablet directed, barcode & order fulfillment solution at Ortho Developments’ headquarters in Utah. To ensure order accuracy, guarantee lot control and eliminate their paper based picking system, Ortho Development will be integrating Warehouse Mobile Solutions’ picking and order verification systems into their Host ERP system.

At its FDA compliant and ISO 13485:2003 certified, world-class manufacturing and distribution center located in Draper, Utah, Ortho Development will be implementing the Warehouse Mobile Solutions System to direct and manage the tablet computers (iPads) mounted in a quick connect enclosure, swappable between their JLG order pickers and their mobile picking carts for product slotting, picking, and order verification. Operators will be able to simply scan the product barcodes to instantly capture lot numbers for each item picked and verify that the correct item/lot is shipped to each customer. This feature will eliminate the need for operators to manually record and verify the lot numbers for each item while insuring 100% accuracy and accountability at the packaging stations.

The Warehouse Mobile Solutions Order Fulfillment system will be fully integrated with Ortho Developments’ host system, providing the capability to simply receive orders from the host system to initiate the picking process and then confirm each order with the associated item and lot numbers back to the host after they are verified. A new feature incorporated into the system will enable the system manger to quickly select individual orders to create batches which are then assigned to the order pickers who will utilize the Batch Picking App to pick the orders.

The Warehouse Mobile Solutions system to be integrated at Ortho Development will incorporate 5 iPads mounted in innovative stainless steel enclosures utilizing a quick disconnect system, 10 Mobile picking carts equipped with a swivel bracket and 3 Man up (JLG) order pickers equipped with a unique multi-directional swivel bracket, each designed to accept the iPad Enclosures. This unique design allows operators to store and pick products without the use of paper or cumbersome hand help mobile terminals. Operators simply scan items and locations as directed by the tablet computer. The tablet computers are controlled wirelessly by a system manager, “Tablet Director”, which release orders, schedules operators activities, and tracks in-process orders throughout the entire order fulfillment process.

For more information regarding Warehouse Mobile Solutions and its logistics solutions offerings, contact Robert Lyon, at robert.lyon@hoj.net or (801) 266.8881 ext. 8009 or visit us at https://www.warehouseos.com/

About Ortho Development – Ortho Development Corporation is an orthopedic device design and manufacturing company focused on hip and knee joint reconstruction, spine treatment, and trauma products. Ortho Development is dedicated to making premium products and delivering superior service and value.

The company is located at the base of the Wasatch Mountains in the Salt Lake City suburb of Draper, Utah. Ortho’s headquarters include administrative offices, research and design facilities, manufacturing, inspection, clean room and warehouse space. Ortho Development was founded in 1994 and is a privately-held company.