The Top 4 Gadgets Dads Will Love



Yes, Father’s Day has passed, but the cool gadgets remain. While Father’s Day is the perfect excuse to get dad that latest tech gadget, there are still plenty of reasons to forego the element of surprise and bring him in on the latest, coolest gadgets coming out of the big tech industry today. If you missed on out some of these for Father’s Day gift ideas, fret not since once he has a look at some of these devices, he’ll likely just buy something for himself–saving you money and making you look good as the one who introduced him to these great gadgets. If not, you’ll have an arsenal of gift ideas for the next birthday or holiday. Here are a few of the top gadgets any dad would love.

1. Dual Display Yotaphone

As if you thought smartphones couldn’t get much smarter, the Yotaphone makes mobile devices even more clever. You will surely give the gift of ADHD with this gift as the dual display lets the user flip back and forth from screens front and back. Fully compatible with all of your favorite apps, the Yotaphone is sure to make you even more obsessed with what’s going on your phone. Nevertheless, the dual display is a cool function and can come in useful when you need to take care of the normal fifty things at once on two screens.

2. GPS Ski Goggles

These will have dad longing for the winter snows. These goggles are unlike any pair of ski goggles you have worn and seem to be straight out of the M16 laboratories in a Bond film. The goggles feature a built-in GPS and let you see speed, distance, altitude, temperature while on the move down the slopes. With a flexible frame, anti-fog system, rechargeable battery, and a weight of just about a pound, these goggles are sure to be a unique gift. Just don’t forget to watch where you’re going since they can’t yet see for you.

3. Outdoor Movie Screen

Who hasn’t wanted to have a movie screen in their backyard. Watching a movie under the stars might just turn into a great summer tradition with the right setup. All that has been missing all these years is the realization that there exists such a marvel! The outdoor movie screen setup comes complete with a projector with DVD player built in, a portable projector stand, and a 120’’ screen. For entertaining groups or just having a relaxing movie night outdoors on a warm evening, this is a great gift for dad any occasion.

4. Cycle Rear View Camera

Turning your head to see what is behind you while cycling is so outdated. Good thing there is a technological gadget to do that seeing for you. The camera that attached to the seat post provides seventy five degrees of view, comes with a rechargeable battery, and is weather resistant. The screen mounted to the handlebars displays the events behind your in clear HD quality and can will alert you to low light conditions. The setup is attached with a zip cable and can fit any frame. This is a good road safety gift to stay alert to what is happening behind the cyclist, and is worth the cost for the cycling tech enthusiast.