Warehouse Mobile Solutions, a logistics solutions provider, is expanding its’ state-of-the-art tablet directed, barcode & order fulfillment solution at Diversity-Vuteq, LLC, located in Princeton, Indiana. During 2013 Diversity-Vuteq implemented the Warehouse Mobile Solutions System to ensure order accuracy and eliminate the current operational requirement of performing a secondary order verification process. Initially implemented for picking and order verification, the system will now be expanded to manage purchase order receipts and daily production orders.

Diversity-Vuteq, a producer of automobile interior car parts located in Princeton, Indiana, will be expanding the Warehouse Mobile Solutions System to direct and manage the tablet computers (iPads) mounted in a quick connect enclosure, swappable between their mobile picking carts and their pallet jacks for P.O. receiving, product slotting, picking, production orders, and customer order verification. Operators now simply scan the rack location barcode and the barcode on the Kanban card for each tote to instantly confirm order accuracy for each line item picked, thus guaranteeing the accuracy of each order. This feature eliminated the need for a secondary operator to “Double Check” each item in order to ensure 100% accuracy.

The Warehouse Mobile Solutions Order Fulfillment System has been configured to enable Diversity-Vuteq to simply drop an Excel Spreadsheet containing customer orders into a folder which is accessed by “Tablet Director”. Orders are then automatically released for fulfillment. In addition the Warehouse Mobile Solutions system is responsible to maintain overall inventory for the finished goods storage area, thus automatically keeping track of every item received and picked. This feature eliminates the need for operators to maintain tedious inventory spreadsheets and enables management to know exact inventory quantities in each location, by simply scanning a product barcode or performing a query in Tablet Director.

The Warehouse Mobile Solutions system implemented at Diversity-Vuteq will now incorporate 10 iPads mounted in innovative stainless steel enclosures utilizing a quick disconnect system, 10 Mobile picking carts equipped with a swivel bracket, 3 desk top stations and  3 pallet Jacks equipped with a unique multi-directional swivel bracket each designed to accept the iPad Enclosures . This unique design allows operators to store and pick products without the use of paper or cumbersome hand held mobile terminals. Operators simply scan items and locations as directed by the tablet computer. The tablet computers are controlled wirelessly by a system manager, “Tablet Director”, which release orders, schedules operators activities, and tracks in-process orders throughout the entire order fulfillment process.   .

For more information regarding Warehouse Mobile Solutions and its logistics solutions offerings, contact Robert Lyon, at robert.lyon@hoj.net or (801) 266.8881 ext. 8009 or visit us at https://www.warehouseos.com/.