SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, September 19, 2014 — Warehouse Mobile Solutions, A Logistics Solutions provider has recently completed the installation of its’ state-of-the-art Tablet Directed, Barcode/Order Fulfillment Solution, “WarehouseOS®” at Kuhl’s international order fulfillment center located in Salt Lake City, Utah. To better serve its growing base of Outdoor Retailers and Ecommerce clients and ensure rapid and accurate order fulfillment, Kuhl modernized its distribution center to include the power of a barcoded order fulfillment system integrated into its existing ERP System. This highly efficient order fulfillment solution enables Kuhl to support its’ rapidly expanding customer base.

With the need to optimize the order fulfillment process to support the vastly different order demographics for larger retail orders and small ecommerce orders, Kuhl was faced with the challenge of implementing a system capable of receiving, storing and picking products for both types of orders utilizing barcoding to ensure order accuracy and reduce order fulfillment times.

To meet this challenge HOJ Engineering worked with Kuhl to reconfigure their order fulfillment center parallel with the integration of the WarehouseOS Software to the Full Circle ERP software. The WarehouseOS Software directs and manages Tablet Computers (iPads) mounted in a quick connect enclosure, swappable between the mobile picking carts on the warehouse floor, for product slotting, replenishment, picking, and order verification.

A unique feature of the system is the capability to batch up to 50 orders together onto a single mobile picking cart. The operators utilize the new “BATCH BUILD” App to dynamically assign orders to the carts and then are directed through the warehouse once to pick all 50 orders! This feature was a key element to enable Kuhl to fulfill their ecommerce orders at the beginning of each day in just a few hours, where in the past it had taken almost half of their day. This now leaves them sufficient time to fulfill the large retail orders.

The entire system was reconfigured, and fully integrated in less than a month, allowing Kuhl to have the system and software tested and operational prior to their peak 2014 season. The integration of the WarehouseOS Software with Kuhl’s Full Circle ERP system allows orders to be seamlessly distributed to the warehouse operators in real time. The power of the WarehouseOS software system to track and manage the fulfillment center inventory utilizes the powerful “INVENTORY” Module. This Add-On Module allows operators to store inventory in Random Locations to maximize storage capacity while at the same time substantially minimize put-away times often associated with directed put-away.

The Warehouse Mobile Solutions system implemented for Kuhl incorporates 15 iPads mounted in innovative stainless steel enclosures utilizing a quick disconnect system and 15 Mobile picking carts each equipped with a swivel bracket designed to accept the iPad Enclosures. This unique design allows operators to store and pick products without the use of paper or cumbersome hand help mobile terminals. Operators simply scan items and locations as directed by the tablet computer, mounted to picking carts in the Stainless Steel Enclosure. The tablet computers are controlled wirelessly by a system manager, “Tablet Director”, which releases orders, schedules operators activities, and tracks in-process orders throughout the entire order fulfillment process.

For more information regarding Warehouse Mobile Solutions and its logistics solutions offerings, contact Robert Lyon, at robert.lyon@hoj.net or (801) 266.8881 ext. 8009 or visit us at https://www.warehouseos.com/