Piper & Scoot Implements WarehouseOS® in Their New Distribution Center to Achieve Unsurpassed Order Fulfillment Accuracy

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, January 22, 2018 – Warehouse Mobile Solutions, in partnership with HOJ Engineering and Sales (a leader in organizational consulting and material handling), announced today that they have completed the material handling infrastructure for Piper & Scoot’s new distribution center in Bluffdale, Utah. Together HOJ and Warehouse Mobile Solutions designed, installed, and integrated all aspects of the material handling equipment, including the integration of WarehouseOS®, “WOS®”, an innovative tablet warehouse operations system developed by Warehouse Mobile Solutions. Utilizing the latest version of WOS, the order fulfillment process is integrated with Shopify® to seamlessly download orders and update their web-store inventory in real-time. WOS is our empowerment tool to replace the traditional management systems historically referred to as a WMS.

Knowing What Is In Stock and Order Accuracy Are Keys to Being A Successful Ecommerce Business

When you’re a rapidly growing ecommerce business, you want to ensure you have the latest technology to manage your new distribution center. This desire to work with a company, to design a highly efficient distribution center, lead Piper & Scoot to partner with HOJs’ team of logistic engineers.

Last year, having previously selected a software company that did not have a detailed understanding of warehouse operations, to manage their warehouse inventory, Piper & Scoot found themselves in trouble when their inventory was out of sync with their ecommerce platforms. Not something you want to deal with on Black Friday!

After working together with HOJ’s team of logistics engineers and installing WOS, they are now enjoying the benefits of knowing where every SKU is located and exactly how many are available to sell in real time. In addition, they are in a new customized facility, capable of supporting their business for years to come. The new facility is all managed utilizing the WOS APP’s for the flow of products, from the time they are received, through putaway, picking, replenishment, and packing. This process involves six operators on the floor utilizing iPads, all tracked and managed by WOS, to ensure full accountability.

If your ecommerce business is still using paper based systems on hard to read and cumbersome handheld devices, directed by rigid and difficult to manage software, it may be time to implement a warehouse operations system. Our WarehouseOS software is fully integrated with Shopify and ShipStation to enable your business to run seamlessly from the time your products are receivedn until they are packaged and ready for shipment. Make no more excuses and let us help you achieve unsurpassed picking and packing rates at a cost you cannot afford to pass up.

For more information regarding Warehouse Mobile Solutions and its logistics solutions offerings, contact Sam Stringham, at sam.stringham@hoj.net or (801) 266.8881 ext. 8026

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