Customized Conveyor Solutions Needed for eCommerce System Integrations

Every manufacturer is unique and presents its own set of challenges. Fast-growing eCommerce manufacturers are often reacting to the SKU proliferation and living a 24/7 “Instagram reality”. These clever new entrepreneurs need help integrating conveyor equipment into their automation material handling systems to increase production and productivity. One conveyor solution is not going to work for everyone.

Carefully utilized assessment tools ensures that material handling systems are designed to fit the needs and budget of eCommerce manufacturing, distribution, and 3PL business.

By streamlining production automation, Hoj Engineering considers materials, space, and workforce capacity. Conveyor equipment can accelerate automation for manufacturing industries. Because one size or brand is not appropriate for all customers, the experience with integrating automated conveyor systems from many of the leading conveyor manufacturers becomes essential.

Some system integrators partner with a single conveyor supplier, limiting the choices and higher costs. Utilizing a variety of leading suppliers ensures a strong alignment of the right conveyor systems design to specific applications. These conveyor integration solutions are preceded by design recommendations based on specific needs, facility layout, and throughput objectives.

Experience Counts

Going on three generations and more than 50 years of experience as a material handling systems integrator, Hoj Engineering delivers end-to-end material handling solutions and technology to the distribution industry proves experience counts. Today’s distribution environment presents a steady stream of integration challenges; eCommerce companies experience intense competition, consolidation, and significant increases in throughputs.  In this super competitive environment, innovation and speed are paramount.

Business challenges can be quickly turned into successful business results using high-speed, high-accuracy sortation, and order fulfillment.

Optimizing Product Flow

Optimizing product flow has many elements from conveyor systems, sortation, manifesting, and palletizing. The understanding of automated batch and wave picking, product flow analysis, and automation storage and retrieval is essential. Other considerations which deliver product to/from a conveyor solution may include AGVs (automated guided vehicles), software and controls, planned maintenance, and training.

Conveyor systems are commonly used as the solution for receiving, put away, order fulfillment, and transportation. Other areas of consideration include quality assurance and returned goods operations.

Conveyor solutions are part of a turnkey solution to improve operations; providing material handling engineering and related equipment which best supports operations with quality project management, is the definition of system integration.

Having designed numerous cost-effective material handling solutions crossing the manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution industries, there are challenges that require expertise and experience. From product slotting analysis to warehouse storage systems design none of these considerations can be evaluated in a vacuum. Similarly, order picking systems design must be evaluated in conjunction with conveyor systems.