Quality Assurance: WarehouseOS® Verify App Provides Perfective Picking and Packing Each and Every Time

eCommerce companies, small and large, regardless of product mix, must have a mechanism to ensure and verify picking and packing accuracy. The cost of customer acquisition can be steep; the cost of losing new customers because product shipments that have not been properly picked can be lethal. Mis-picks drive profitability out of operations; unhappy customers question whether they should go elsewhere.

The challenges of verifying picking and packing content is exacerbated by SKU proliferation. The are no longer hundreds of products, not even thousands, but tens of thousands of potential product iterations based on color, size, and quasi-build-to-order product modalities.

Customers want what they want; customers expect to receive exactly what they ordered, accurately the first time and every time. The cost of a mis-pick will translate into bad reviews, costly returns, and wasted time to pick and pack the correct product. All are eliminated with the WarehouseOS® Verify APP.

The WarehouseOS Verify APP is most useful in the packing and shipping area. When a company has thousands of SKUs, it is impossible for a packer to memorize each product.

Unlike Pick-to-Light, Voice Picking, and other solutions, only the WarehouseOS Verify APP provides instant visual corroboration of the product picked. The packer can see an image of the product on the iPad. A barcode of the order number is displayed on the iPad which can then be scanned into a shipping software to populate the shipping information.

Old technologies, such as the RF gun, require constant verifications, small keypads, and hard to read screens almost guaranteeing poor verification, quality control, and quality assurance procedures.

A team of experts in material handling equipment and solutions developed WarehouseOS to maximize the throughput of warehousing and distributing facilities. From small eCommerce, to high volume SKU facilities, from omni-channel companies to FMCGs (fast moving consumer goods), WarehouseOS handles everything with the use of these APPs.

Verifying APPs are a strong element of lean fulfillment methodologies guaranteeing order picking and packing processes. The APP accurately documents which are free of discrepancies and gaps, force diligent workers to follow the processes free from errors.

Quality Assurance (QA) in warehouse activities ensure processes adopted and results produced are meeting the GMP specifications. WarehouseOS Verify APP enables the qualified and trained personnel to perform the activities required during fulfillment operations. In-Process Quality Assurance (IPQA) is built-in to the Verify APP solution. Quality Assurance plays a prominent role in every activity in a warehouse and ensures that the results produced meet the customer expectation each and every time.

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