WarehouseOS® Apps: Packing App

The importance of packing verification is usually not disputed, mostly because packing accuracy is rated the number one challenge that all shippers must address. It is more than a competitive advantage; it is a requirement to keep customers happy (and continue to re-order). The fully loaded cost of a packing error includes customer service time, product and packaging costs, re-shipping, and perhaps most importantly, the estimated impact on future sales. In most cases, the full cost is $12 per error. As a solution to that, the WarehouseOS® packing APP generates foolproof packing accuracy.

With every packed item passing a barcode scanner simultaneously, it verifies correct selections and checks off a digital pick list for each order. The packing APP is much easier (and less expensive) to add than corrective action in fulfillment. With the WarehouseOS Packing APP, eCommerce companies have a last check accuracy of an order before it goes out the door. This extra layer of verification ensures that each box contains the correct content, avoid customer dissatisfaction and expensive reshipment from a mispacked order.

The Packing APP is a simple interface for employees to scan and verify each item in the packing and shipping stage of an order. This process is essential for fast-growing eCommerce firms that need to train temporary or new employees quickly.

Often small family owned eCommerce businesses know the company inside and out. As growth occurs, the company owners can no longer rely on “tribal knowledge” for accuracy. This is especially important with rapid introduction of new SKUs in the product mix.

The Packing APP is critical to efficient warehouse operations because scanning a barcode rather than visually verifying an item takes the thinking out of the process while improving, turns, efficiency, productivity, and throughput.

The cost of a correcting a mis-picked order often exceeds the thin profits of an entire order. Ensuring that all items that are shipped out correctly is a low-cost investment versus the cost in time and money in handling a return if the wrong item was shipped.

The Packing APP is better than alternative technologies because the clean interface is a native Apple APP on the iPad. The WarehouseOS Packing APP displays images of the product and the pull order barcode on an iPad and is scanned into a shipping software system allowing for truly paperless picking until the shipment.

Removing human error from the packing process is a fundamental requirement of successful eCommerce enterprises. Adding a packing verification system to an eCommerce business saves time, money, and wins new customers. Satisfied customers are repeat customers. Making sure all orders are accurate orders is a critical element of long-term financial success.

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