WarehouseOS® Batch Picking App – Perfect for Low Quantity, High Volume Orders

eCommerce companies hope to grow to high volume, high quantity organizations. More often, omnichannel fulfillment companies need help fulfilling many orders with low quantities. WarehouseOS® Batch Picking APP enables the user to pick multiple orders at once, with one walk-through of the warehouse. The lean process reduces walk time, eliminates wasted fulfillment cycles, and increases efficiencies.

Batch picking, also known as multi-order picking, is characterized by combining product demand from multiple orders into one pick instruction. After order picking, goods are sorted/consolidated by order or shipping destination. Batch picking systems are common for food, non-food, fashion, and eCommerce applications.

Batch picking increases both throughput and operator efficiency. It optimizes order-picking effectiveness by maximizing pick quantities and minimizing operator walking distances. Orders are sorted and consolidated by order or destination automatically, reducing manual handling and the problems frequently associated with congested aisles in traditional order picking.

The Batch Picking APP is most useful in the picking area. The FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) usually follow the 80/20 rule, with 20 percent of the products representing 80 percent of the orders. When a company has hundreds (or thousands) of orders to fulfill with ten or less quantity, the shift to batch picking is essential.

New eCommerce companies that are growing quickly know that without batch picking, each small order is being picked one at a time. The WarehouseOS Batch Picking APP has companies picking 100 orders at a time, more than doubling fulfillment efficiency.

Unlike other batch picking solutions, this APP contains a patented grid that displays a representation of the compartment on the cart. Dedicated locations on the picking cart allow the user to keep all the product organized after the pick, so that the packer does not have to search for the product while packing.

Visualization is possible with these tablet-based APPs that provide instant visual corroboration of the product picked. The packer can see an image of the product on the iPad. There is display of a barcode of the order number on the iPad, that can then be scanned into a shipping software to populate the shipping information.

It also filters similar batch orders together to minimize walking distance. Batches can be coordinated by SKU, quantity, customer, ship type, and more.

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