WarehouseOS® Managing Inventory App – Knowing Where Your Inventory is at All Times

Efficient warehouse operations require the ability to know the whereabouts of inventory at all times. Adjustments to inventory demands within a warehouse requires that warehouse labor has an easy way to move product from one place to another.

Rapid SKU variability in the fast-changing eCommerce enterprise requires companies keep track of inventory quantities while they move product from one place to another within the warehouse.

Inventory management is frequently named as the single most challenging aspect of any business. Due to the high cost of unsold finished goods, the failure to gain control of inventory management is fatal in the long-term.

Failure to invest time and money for proper inventory management costs eCommerce companies more because back-orders or out-of-stocks mean lost customers.

Every year, the average business spends between 25 to 35 percent of operational budget on inventory costs.  With such a large budgetary allocation dedicated to inventory control, finding the best and most accurate solution is essential. Research data proves that businesses with poor inventory management strategies experience smaller profits and greater chances for going bankrupt in the near future.

Even very small eCommerce businesses with effective inventory management decrease inventory costs by as much as 35 percent.

A recent study performed by the SCORE Association, an organization partnered with the U.S. Small Business Administration, revealed that an estimated 44 percent of new businesses survive at least four years. After seven years, the numbers fall drastically to 31 percent. While there are a variety of factors that can contribute to this reality, studies have revealed that poor inventory control is one of the top reasons new businesses fail every year.

Symptoms of poor inventory management include pricing errors, congested warehouse floors, large year-end write-offs, production shortages, and shipment delays (resulting in costly expedited shipments).

Too often, poor inventory management is revealed by significant amounts of slow-moving items in stock and poor customer satisfaction rates (due to shipping errors or delays).

Warehouse Mobile Solutions, makers of WarehouseOS®, created an inventory management app that helps companies address these common challenges. Founded by experienced material handling professionals, Warehouse Mobile Solutions has been changing the landscape of distributing centers by implementing innovative processes through visualization on a tablet. Deployed as a native app through the Apple App store, WarehouseOS has an extremely simple interface that allows faster and more accurate picks. This solution has cut the amount of time it takes to fulfill daily orders in half, through its patented visual processes.

With the WarehouseOS inventory management APP, products can be moved throughout the warehouse without fearing lost, misplaced, or miscategorized inventory. The APP is better than alternative technologies, because every movement is tracked and logged by the user, reinforced with the visualization of products.

Because the iPad screen is larger than the traditional RF gun, every location in the warehouse that is holding the product is scanned to be moved and can be displayed on the screen allowing the user to make a decision based off that pictographic data.

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