Warehouse OS® Apps: Putaway App

eCommerce companies that have a two-step process at receiving require an efficient putaway process. For many companies this involves receiving product at a dock location, then putting it away in the warehouse.

The Warehousing Education and Research Council (WERC) noted that in a busy warehouse, product putaway tends to fall behind other tasks such as picking, replenishment, shipping, and loading. Pulling away resources from putaway can impact fill rates by not having product in pick racks, causing congestion in staging areas that overflow into aisles. Delaying putaway may result in product damage as the product is repeatedly moved. While proper staffing by a putaway team will support downstream processes, use of the WarehouseOS® Putaway APP will ensure better customer order fill rates.

By visually displaying information, like zone restrictions and locations where the product is currently stored allows the warehouse labor to make the best decision possible at the receiving area. Because many eCommerce companies are operating in a garage or first warehouse environment space is a real constraint.

Commonly, these companies stage all products received on the purchase orders to ensure the entire purchase order receipt is validated (matching items received to the packing list and other documents, before moving product into the warehouse). While this process may identify discrepancies, it requires large staging areas and increases the time product spends at the dock and is therefore not available for picking.

The WarehouseOS Putaway APP allows product to be staged by a putaway zone. These zones create similar groups, which are often defined and determined to reduce travel time (with a map of the warehouse storage areas). Staging by putaway zone utilizes less space because the APP includes the capability of pre-slotting.

Visualization of product allows for real-world fulfillment realities. Loose rules, instead of hard coded rules, allow the user to determine what is best, particularly with rapid turns of high volume SKUs. Many other systems have hard coded rules that cost a lot of money and are hard to work around when there are discrepancies in the data.

In general, the most efficient putaway practice is to put away product from receipt to the final location. This process uses the least amount of space for staging, and the product is less frequently handled and immediate ready for shipment. Automation of putaway processes enhance inventory optimization.

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