WarehouseOS® Apps: Receiving App

Receiving operations involve the transfer of ownership of goods, which includes financial responsibility. Ensuring accurate documentation will validate correct product receipt and ensures that smooth and efficient products will be made available to the customer as soon as possible. An accurate reporting of what is received has a direct effect on the accounting and payout for goods.

Inaccuracies in counting, or failure to report damaged or missing items, often results in small to mid-sized companies paying for goods they did not receive, affecting the bottom line. Compounded annually, such losses may consume the profitability of the enterprise. Improving warehouse receiving systems to make them accurate, improves profitability immediately.

Improving Warehouse Receiving Efficiency

As part of a lean, best-practice, continuous process improvement, warehouse receiving is low-hanging fruit. A few minor changes to the receiving operation can make a dramatic improvement in the ability to manage incoming materials, ensuring accurate inspection, labeling, and product counts.

eCommerce companies that work with purchase orders for expected receipts, benefit most from the WarehouseOS® Receiving App to verify that the correct amount of product that was ordered from a manufacturer was delivered.

This App is most useful in the receiving area. Many companies receive everything into a warehouse and write the QTYs down on a piece of paper then manually enter them in the accounting system later. The Receiving App allow companies to receive and verify the product all at one time. Visualization with images of the products received also allows every receipt is tied back to the user that received the product.

The WarehouseOS Receiving App provides eCommerce retailers one central place to find product information from brands and vendors; everything is pictographically displayed avoiding product confusion.


The App also ensures that specific and designated product information is stored, from product name, shipping information, and product images. It is updated in real-time, so all data accessed is the most current and accurate information. Files and images of all types and sizes can be used with the Receiving App.

The quicker eCommerce companies receive product into the warehouse, the quicker the product can be shipped to the customer.

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