WarehouseOS® Apps: Replenishment App

The volume of inventory can become unmanageable. As orders are picked from accessible locations, delays can stack up if overstock is not used to replenish those locations efficiently. Conversely, if overstock is moved too early or too often, additional labor hours are utilized, creating process inefficiencies.

eCommerce companies that have forward pick faces, need to be restocked for efficient picking. The WarehouseOS® Replenishment APP ensures that pickers do not need to spend time replenishing or finding a forklift to retrieve some product that is in overstock.

When the picking area is efficient, it increases the picking rates because the users waste far less time retrieving product from difficult areas.

eCommerce companies realize the most benefit from the Replenishment APP occurs when the company has a forward pick area with smaller QTYs or broken cases. If a picker must constantly stop and restock pick faces it will slow down efficiency dramatically.

Order pickers will most often access stock on the lowest shelves to avoid the use of a lift truck. Overstock of the same SKUs are frequently stored higher in the racks. When inventory in the accessible areas gets too low, a replenishment is triggered and someone operating a lift truck will access the higher shelves and move stock to the lower levels.

Replenishment depends on several factors, from accessibility of overstock, frequency of picking for certain SKUs, and the amount of a certain product in stock. When a product is ordered sporadically every few days, it may be possible to set restock levels much lower—only requiring replenishment when there are a few items left in the primary picking location. If a product is ordered multiple times a day, a fast-moving consumer good (FMCG), more accessible space is needed for inventory, AND replenishment will be needed more often as well.


The goal is the ability to rotate goods into a picking location just before needed to reduce the risk of inaccessible inventory while avoiding wasted time from replenishing too frequently. Unlike some alternative replenishment solutions, WarehouseOS Replenishment APP, replenishes according to orders in the queue AND visualization.

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