WarehouseOS® Apps: Single Pick App

Are you a company that fulfills large orders, yet can’t batch pick? Then allow us to recommend your need for the WarehouseOS® Single Pick APP. The most common form of picking is single order picking. A picker is given one order at a time and they travel through the warehouse to find each item on the list before returning for the next order. Single pick orders must be sequenced and optimized for the picker; it provides a clear, best route for single pick orders.

Gone are the days when a picker walks the entire warehouse to fill a single order. Orders that are picked one at a time can be the source of process inefficiencies. Without being directed to the right location and scanning things to make sure the items are correctly selected, it can be costly and take a long time to find and verify the products.

In smaller eCommerce companies, owners may not identify themselves as supply chain executives. However, there’s an argument that they are, due to being faced with the challenge of reducing labor costs, with the reality that customers are placing more orders with smaller quantities.

Since 50 percent of warehouse labor resources are typically involved in picking, packing, and shipping outbound orders, it makes sense to optimize the effectiveness of single pick orders.

Reducing travel time improves order picking productivity. While the intuitive reaction may be to move to batch or cluster order picking strategies, that is not always possible.

Travel time can easily account for 50 percent or more of order picking hours. By using the Single Pick WarehouseOS APP, the time spent travelling is greatly reduced. Even the smallest order contains the opportunity to manage travel time in the warehouse.

With visualization, WarehouseOS Single Pick APP, displays images of the products to make the picking process more efficient. The solution allows the pickers to flag a location for a cycle count right from the picking APP. If they find that there is something wrong with the inventory, there is an override function that will allow the user to pick the item from the location that the software has chosen.

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