WarehouseOS Software Solution is a Great Fit for Apparel Companies

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, July 5, 2018 – Warehouse Mobile Solutions is rapidly becoming the warehouse operations solution for apparel companies. For some, saying, “We have you covered”, may seem to be just another cliché, but the WarehouseOS®/WOS® solution does just that. Today’s apparel providers need a simple and reliable solution that empowers them with the ability to focus on designing and supplying apparel products to their customers, without worrying about all the details inside their fulfillment centers. WOS is designed to enable your fulfillment team to manage everything inside your facility; from the time products are received, until they are packed for shipping to the customer. In addition, the order fulfillment process is integrated with your shopping carts and shipping solutions utilizing our InstaLink application. It allows you to seamlessly download orders and update your webstore inventory in real-time. If you are operating with an ERP system or custom host, we have you covered here as well, with our open API platform, allowing for seamless data transfers between systems.

Being an apparel company can be difficult, as competition is tough and finding reliable workers, who ensure inventory and order accuracy levels approaching 100%, is next to impossible.  Overselling, because of not knowing what you have, where it is located, and incorrect order fulfillment, can impact your growth curve and allow your competition to steal from your dedicated group of followers.

Many of our users have switched from their previous fulfillment solution once they found themselves in trouble when their inventory was out of sync with their eCommerce platforms. Or even worse, they could not keep up with order demand and accuracy. Not something you want to deal with on Black Friday or any other day! Your customers want and demand to wear the latest trends at their social activity or on vacation, not afterwards, particularly if it is the wrong style, size, or color.

After installing WOS, you can enjoy the benefits of knowing where every SKU is located and exactly how many are available to sell in real time. In addition, your entire facility can be managed utilizing the WOS APP for the flow of products, from the time they are received, through putaway, picking, replenishment and packing. This process involves operators on the floor utilizing iPads that are tracked and managed by WOS to ensure full accountability. Even seasonal/temporary employees will be able to get you through that rush without making errors that could cost you thousands of dollars and the loss of customers.

Getting Recognized as a leader in the apparel business is not easy, with thousands

of companies all trying to capture and keep customers. One of our clients, “Sparkle In Pink”, has been recognized as a top innovator by Apparel Magazine in 2018 through the use of the WarehouseOS/WOS software. Read more about their story at apparelmag.com (https://apparelmag.com/apparel-2018-top-innovators).

We invite you to be an innovator as well and move to a solution that separates you from the competition.

If your eCommerce business is still using paper-based systems or hard to read, cumbersome handheld devices that are directed by rigid and difficult to manage software, it may be time to implement a warehouse operations system. Our WarehouseOS software can be fully integrated with eCommerce platforms and shipping software to enable your business to run seamlessly, from the time your products are received, until they are packaged and ready for shipment.

For more information regarding Warehouse Mobile Solutions and its logistics solutions offerings, contact Sam Stringham at sam.stringham@hoj.net or (801) 266.8881 ext 8026.