Perfect your Picks. Perfect your Delivery - Every time

3PLs (Third Party Logistics) are experts in warehouse and fulfillment services, providing outsourced fulfillment to clients around the world. 3PLs are pushing the limits of WMS software, through the heavy demands of their online and omnichannel customers. In addition to perfect picking and delivery, speed and efficiency,  3PLs are in a billion-dollar industry and need to provide mission-critical performance metrics to their internal operation team and their customers.

Being chosen as the WMS platform for a 3PL is the highest level of recognition, because its the biggest stress-test any solution must pass. We are proud that many 3PLs now utilize WarehouseOS® technology. The technology provides the ability to quantify the most important key performance indicators (KPIs) with 24/7 real-time data on the quality, accuracy, and service levels which impacts customers’ volumes, timeline, and budget.

3PL’s choose WOS because:

  • The WOS® software can reduce picking time and errors for out-sourcing companies’ pick systems.
  • It achieves capability without complexity.
  • Training time can be done in half of the time most companies would spend on bringing new employees “up to speed.” Even seasonal/temporary employees will be able to get you through that rush without making errors that could cost you thousands of dollars and the loss of customers.
  • Your company will have better productivity, 250+ picks per hour, and flexibility allowing compatibility with a wide variety of systems, internal networks, and more.