A&D India Features 3PL Using WarehouseOS®

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 Achieving perfection in logistics 

Passion, purpose and requirement are the three essential ingredients of any third party logistics, also referred to as 3PL that ensures an accurate fulfillment of maximum orders each day, their delivery-on-time and infusing transparency throughout the process.

Enlinx Logistics Services has cultivated the 3PL approach and has spent years understanding and growing the business. Sharing his insights on this, David Burns, CEO, Enlinx Logistics Services, described his company’s passion for perfect delivery and shared, “We experienced the exhilaration of rapid growth and the frustration of supply chain challenges that came along with it. We understand the importance of logistics and fulfillment in successful business operations. So, we are devoted to perfecting the 3PL business so that customers can stay focused on what they do best, which is further developing great products for their customers.”

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