Robust Tablet Inventory Control Tailored to Warehouse Environment via Tablet

Warehouses and e-commerce distribution tablets are replacing unfriendly and non-ergonomic RF Gun handheld barcode scanners. Ultimately the tablet is a more efficient way for workers to capture the data that matters most, quickly and accurately.

Whether on the manufacturing production line or in the aisles of warehouses the very nature of scanning has changed dynamically away from traditional scanners and to tablets suitable for each environment.

Even the smallest e-commerce company must have the ability to deliver fulfillment with agility, accuracy, and efficiency. The ability to fulfill online orders requires a high degree of inventory visibility and operational efficiency. Inventory and asset management, directed picking, and proof of delivery are identical to the large distribution centers popping up throughout North America. E-commerce fulfillment solutions must allow mastery of high-velocity fulfillment processes and meet the ever-increasing customer demand for rapid product delivery.

Agile Customer Delivery Enabled via Tablet

Much has been written about the fact that customers demand faster order delivery. E-commerce retailers are feeling the pressure to meet that demand and maintain visibility from the time their shipment leaves the fulfillment center, through the last mile and into the customers’ hands.

Increase Efficiency throughout the Warehouse

From receiving to picking and staging to loading, operations with the help of tablets and new warehouse operation systems are becoming more agile, optimized, and better connected to manage inventory, people, and assets. Integration of the supply chain achieves increased efficiencies throughout the warehouse and requires implementation of dynamic fulfillment, which means realized transformational gains with best-in-class hardware, software, and solutions.

High-velocity e-commerce fulfillment centers rely on speed and efficiency to get products stocked, to be picked quickly. Efficiency throughout the supply chain is more important than ever to remain profitable and keep up with fast-paced customer demands.

E-commerce order fulfillment inaccuracies and inconsistencies are doing harm in maintaining hard-fought and hard-won customers. One mis-pick can lose a customer.  The cost of customer acquisition is the single greatest expense in e-commerce. Losing a customer has a dangerous and costly financial consequence. Customers and warehouses must set realistic expectations. This is only possible when data collected via tablets in the warehouse accurately reflect inventory, picking the right product, and shipped rapidly to the customer. Only then is there a successful e-commerce transaction.