Ready to optimize your fulfillment? This suite of WarehouseOS applications will help you achieve your business goals. With intuitive functionality you will be up and running with efficiency right out of the box. Take your inventory management to a whole new level.

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A Closer Look at WarehouseOS®

WarehouseOS is composed of several applications that work in concert with one another.
It directs work between all tablets on the warehouse floor with its powerful Tablet Director.
Explore the different WOS® applications below.

Single Pick

Pick Faster with Greater Accuracy

Stop wasting time wandering around your warehouse looking for product.
Quit picking the wrong products.
Get big and small orders right, every time.

Batch Picking

Optimize Productivity by Combining Orders

Cut your picking time.
Combine and batch pick up to 100 orders at the same time.
Pick and fulfill several orders without any order confusion.

Cycle count

Know Which Products You Have and How Many You Have in Stock

Stop the short picks.
Eliminate expensive, annual inventory counts.
Verify in real time what products you have on hand.


Verify Orders Prior to Shipping

Keep your customers happy; avoid mis-ships and bad reviews.
Scan again and pack to verify order accuracy.
Do single or multi-box packing without any confusion.


Receive Purchase Orders Seamlessly

Accurately confirm your incoming vendor shipments.
Eliminate confusion on your receiving dock.
Simply put away and store incoming products.

Manage Inventory

Maximize Storage Utilization to the Location Level

Go paperless in your warehouse!
See all of your inventory from your WOS mobile device.
Simply organize inventory within your warehouse.
Understand what’s selling and what’s not.

Pack One

Fast and Visual Single-Line Order Fulfillment

Have a hot selling item? Want to ship it out really fast?
Bulk pick single-line items – then simply scan and pack.

Metrics Dashboard

Visual Snapshot of Your Daily Operations Activity

See which employees are fast and which ones need a boost.
Get real-time metrics of your workforce.
Improve accountability by displaying employee statistics inside your warehouse.

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