Cycle Count

Tired of short picks?
Update inventory counts quickly.
Confirm which products you have on hand to avoid running out of stock.
Eliminate expensive annual inventory counts.

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Always know exactly what's on your shelves

Perform simple and reliable inventory counts without the need to stop and record data by hand

Get Accurate, Sellable Inventory Numbers

  • Overselling can hurt the reputation of your business – fight it
  • Easily confirm your inventory counts throughout the year
  • Flexibly request and assign counts for when you want to do them

Your business reputation is upheld as you provide customers with the right goods and quality service. Cycle Count is one of the main features that prevents overselling and hurting your rapport with customers. It also gives management the ability to assign rolling inventory assessments, which can limit vast labor-intensive counts at the end of the year. The smaller the area counted, the higher the level of accuracy.

This rotating micro-count function enables your team to stay on top of inventory discrepancies, catching them before a customer reaches out with a problem.

You can do these systematic counts as needed on a regular basis to help you quickly locate and fix any potential, manual errors in your count numbers. Why wait to count everything at the same time?

Precise Verification Processes

  • Confirm what you have with one- and two-step verification
  • Catch discrepancies in your inventory counts

Cycle Count’s approach to inventory is configurable to fit any business operation. To mitigate human error in your warehouse, WOS implements several safeguards. It’s two-step verification is a big one. You can choose to set up the one- or the two-step verification process for your operation. What’s the difference between the two?

With one-step verification, your inventory count for a certain area is updated immediately after an employee counts the product items. This will update within WOS to give you accurate product numbers.

The two-step verification option adds another safeguard layer to prevent manual errors within the count. Once an employee finishes counting a particular area or product, the count numbers will be sent to another employee who will verify the count numbers at the product location. Once verified, the product counts will update across the software.

Cycle Count also autonomously tallies the products you scan into your system and displays the total inventory count on the screen. This helps you stay on top of your inventory, so you can fulfill orders with confidence.

We integrate with your favorite eCommerce solutions

Integration flexibility with any open API

We recognize that every business is a little different. Instead of requiring a standard solution, we have invested in an integration platform that allows for flexibility to meet each customer’s unique needs. We start with a standard, pre-built integration and then customize it to each unique need. This gives us the freedom of a custom solution without the cost of custom development.

Modern Interface

Imagine orders flowing to an iPad with all the benefits of a clean interface, empowering the warehouse picker with useful information like the order lines, storage locations, even color pictures of the product.

 If you are thinking you are ready to get rid of the stacks of paper orders, and people waiting for their order to print out, we are ready to show you our warehouse operating system technology.



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