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Capture and Leverage Your Warehouse Data

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Make Data-Driven Decisions

  • Improve processes
  • See where to prioritize your team’s efforts

Data is driving more and more decisions today. Why not leverage the data from your warehouse to facilitate your business decisions? Your warehouse has a massive amount of information passing through it every hour of every day in its operation, and you can capture that information with WarehouseOS. With WOS, you can make use of your warehouse data and improve your processes.

From the first day of using WarehouseOS (yes, the first day), you’ll be able to make better inventory management decisions based on the information provided to you from the data provided. You’ll have a better idea of where to prioritize your team’s efforts.

The data is generated automatically for you, so you don’t have calculate the data manually from completed pick sheets. Having such easy access to your warehouse information gives you more time to make the decisions that will improve your business instead of spending that time creating the data by hand.

Monitor Daily Progress


  • Track daily Order Picking and Packing progress at a glance
  • View operator matrix in key areas of your business

We see our Warehouse Operating System as an empowerment tool, not just a management tool, that enables employees to while implementing improved processes. Providing them with easily-accessible data will help them see how they can improve and be more effective in their work.

The majority of the data provided shows a high-level overview of what’s happening in the warehouse. It helps you see how many open orders you have from the past few days, for example, so you can ensure you prioritize fulfilling those older orders.

The insights gleaned from WarehouseOS show mostly immediate action items that need to be done. The system will help you determine what decisions to make in order to speed up processes and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. Here are some of the metrics you’ll have access to:

  • The number of outstanding (open) orders need to be picked
  • The number of orders picked per day
  • The number of orders packed per day
  • The names and number of pickers picking that day
  • The values of picks each hour of the day
  • The picks per user per hour
  • Inventory movement per hour for the day (how many moves have happened)
  • The number of open orders per day
  • Order statuses
  • The number of PO putaways
  • The number of putaways per user per day
  • The number of puts per user per day
  • The number of replenishments per user per hour
  • The number of outstanding cycle counts
  • Trends of picks per day over a period of time

A history log also keeps track of who did what and when. Reach out to us, and we’ll give you more information regarding how WOS can help you.

We integrate with your favorite eCommerce solutions

Integration flexibility with any open API

We recognize that every business is a little different. Instead of requiring a standard solution, we have invested in an integration platform that allows for flexibility to meet each customer’s unique needs. We start with a standard, pre-built integration and then customize it to each unique need. This gives us the freedom of a custom solution without the cost of custom development.

Modern Interface

Imagine orders flowing to an iPad with all the benefits of a clean interface, empowering the warehouse picker with useful information like the order lines, storage locations, even color pictures of the product.  If you are thinking you are ready to get rid of the stacks of paper orders, and people waiting for their order to print out, we are ready to show you our warehouse operating system technology.



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