Metrics Dashboard

See who’s fast and who’s …NOT Real-time metrics of your workforce. Improve accountability by displaying operator statics inside your warehouse.

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400 + PICKS/H



Visual Snapshot of Daily Activity

Reports that are crucial for the Success of your business

Simple, configurable metrics board

  • A suite of 15 standard metrics to pick from
  • View up to size metric on the screen at a time
  • Carousel through all or freeze one metric of choice

Data is driving more and more today.  Big Data gets a lot of attention, gathering from points all over.  We have an exciting play on data we think you may be interested in.  It’s not exactly Big Data, it’s your data, data about what is happening in your warehouses.  Since our software processes collect data points that are time stamped we can report back metrics, real-time and actionable.  Finally, data that has clear measurables and reporting that can affect your business the first day you implement it.

Build Dashboard from standard and/or custom metrics. Each instance of Dashboard can be locally configured or can be loaded from a saved configuration. This allows a manager to take a quick view at a matric and then revert to the standard configuration. In seconds, any three History Events may be configured into a custom Bar chart.

Monitor Daily Progress


  • Track daily Order Picking and Packing progress at a glance
  • View operator matrix in key areas of your business


Why we like it.  We believe our Warehouse Operating System is an empowerment tool, not a just a management tool, that employees will perform better when they are empowered with technology that is tied with improved processes.

Any area of your operations may be monitored with simple bar or line graphs.

Order Staging and Consolidation Display Tool

  • Track carts of the same order
  • Track carts in the staging area


Productivity Graphic

When teams can see their productivity and how the combined contribution is estimating the days until order completion, everyone gets on board with the work.  Many will be motivated to reach new levels, by raising the bar and establishing higher levels of daily standard work. You may be surprised who your daily champion is.  Recognition of excellent work is powerful, and being able to see the effort is priceless.

Everyone in the wins when we maintain accuracy and get Faster.

View a staging area to match up carts for the same order.  View staged shipping boxes.

We integrate with your favorite eCommerce solutions

Integration flexibility with any open API

We recognize that every business is a little different. Instead of requiring a standard solution, we have invested in an integration platform that allows for flexibility to meet each customer’s unique needs. We start with a standard, pre-built integration and then customize it to each unique need. This gives us the freedom of a custom solution without the cost of custom development.

Modern Interface

Imagine orders flowing to an iPad with all the benefits of a clean interface, empowering the warehouse picker with useful information like the order lines, storage locations, even color pictures of the product.  If you are thinking you are ready to get rid of the stacks of paper orders, and people waiting for their order to print out, we are ready to show you our warehouse operating system technology.



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