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Have hot selling items? Want to ship them out really fast?
Bulk pick single line items – then simply scan and pack.

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400 + PICKS/H



Fast and Visual Single Line Order Fulfillment

Scan any single item and WOS will match it with an Order and complete it

Fast single line fulfillment

  • Accuracy verification
  • Minimize scans

The Pack One app is the final verification associated with pack one batch picking. The whole process is streamlined to get single line orders out the door. While packing requires you scan each compartment, add boxes, and close the boxes when finished Pack One cuts all of this out. Because of our unique approach to single line orders, our new process is fast while retaining accuracy standards. This takes order organization responsibilities away from the user opening them up to focus on more complex tasks in the warehouse.

Scan arbitrary items to identify orders

  • No order organization
  • Barcode to scan into shipping software

Start with a scan to begin the verification process. Once Pack One has identified the cart the iPad display prompts users to scan an item off the cart. Sounds standard, only the system is not showing you an item or order to scan off the cart. With no compartments, there is not order segregation. Simply scan any item off the cart and WOS sorts the rest. The software will match the item with its order and verify the quantity. The order is completed when the total quantity specified in the order has been scanned and packed. WOS brings a new automated perspective to single line batch picking and packing.

We integrate with your favorite eCommerce solutions

Integration flexibility with any open API

We recognize that every business is a little different. Instead of requiring a standard solution, we have invested in an integration platform that allows for flexibility to meet each customer’s unique needs. We start with a standard, pre-built integration and then customize it to each unique need. This gives us the freedom of a custom solution without the cost of custom development.

Modern Interface

Imagine orders flowing to an iPad with all the benefits of a clean interface, empowering the warehouse picker with useful information like the order lines, storage locations, even color pictures of the product.

 If you are thinking you are ready to get rid of the stacks of paper orders, and people waiting for their order to print out, we are ready to show you our warehouse operating system technology.



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