WarehouseOS Enterprise
WarehouseOS Basic
Pricing (Monthly Subscription)
Starting at $350/month (first iPad)
Starting at $79.99/month
*Note that you can add an unlimited number of operators (users) to the software at no additional cost. The prices below are per iPad
Add new devices
$150/month per iPad
$79.99/month per user
Number of orders
Operations management tool Accessable anywhere, anytime, on any device
Product updates
Number of SKUs
Single pick Find the fastest picking route to pick orders accurately and efficiently
Batch picking Combine orders to pick up to 100 orders at a time
Cycle count Update inventory counts in real-time
Packing Verify orders before you send them
Receiving Confirm your vendor shipments accurately and easily put away incoming products onto your shelves
Manage inventory Simply organize inventory in your warehouse in a way that optimizes your efficiency
Pack one Fast single line order picking & packing
Metrics dashboard Analyze real-time metrics of your workforce and business
Optional add on (additional cost)
Available technical support
Unlimited product updates
iPod/iPhone single pick compatibility
Open API integration
On-site support
Additional Add On (additional cost)
Area and zone picking
Ability to easily train new hires in 1 day
User-specific permissions
Configuration and On-site training
Optional Add On (additional cost)
History log
Inventory tracking Inventory quantities by location
Location generator & configurator