Pack One

Rapidly pick a hot selling item and assign it to any customer who made that purchase.
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Scan any SKU and match it with an existing order.


How does pack-one work?

Pack-one flips the picking process for faster fulfillment and focuses on a hot-selling item as opposed to an order. Here's how:

1. Identify a hot-selling item.
2. Load a bunch of that item to your pick-cart to take to the packing area.
3. Scan an item and WOS will automatically pull up an existing order that contains that product.
4. Pack the order and move on to the next item.
5. Continue the process until all orders have been packed.

pack one feature of warehouseOS being used on an IPad

Top Integrations

Cloud based. Low cost. Pain free.

Integrate with almost every major fulfillment platform. It's used by massive distribution centers and small garage-based startups. With low cost options, WOS brings big-box power to businesses at any level.