Why Fast-Growing, Online Businesses Need Inventory Management Solutions

Entrepreneur contributor Allen Moon recently wrote an article discussing proven steps to follow when starting a small business online. His steps include:

  • Find a need and fill it.
  • Write copy that sells.
  • Design and build an easy-to-use website.
  • Use search engines to drive traffic to your site.
  • Establish an expert reputation for yourself.
  • Follow up with your customers and subscribers with email.
  • Increase your income through back-end sales and upselling.

These are important steps to take, but when you sell physical products, there is a behind-the-scenes process that must also be factored into the equation: inventory management or successfully receiving and shipping those products to your customers.

Rapid Growth Brings Challenges

Where most small businesses find the greatest online challenges is during rapid growth. Suddenly, the issue goes from capturing the excitement and enthusiasm of a new or repeat customer to ensuring the products needed are in stock, managed, and properly shipped. The rapid growth of small, online businesses can often lead to back-orders, mis-picks and mis-ships. If not properly taken care of, this can push hard-won customers to find other options.

Consumers nowadays educate themselves more than ever. And in a world where next-day and even same-day delivery is commonplace, if an order does not arrive on time with the correct items, consumers get frustrated and are likely go online to write a bad review. Your business cannot afford that! It can be costly; those reviews can add up. So, good inventory and warehouse management are critical. Finding solutions to these types of warehouse problems can be taxing and take up a lot of time, but there are various solutions that can help. WarehouseOS is one of them.

Find a Solution for Your Inventory Management

WarehouseOS is an Inventory Management App that helps companies address common warehouse challenges with ease. Founded by experienced material handling professionals at Warehouse Mobile Solutions, WarehouseOS has been changing the landscape of distribution centers by implementing innovative processes through visualization on a tablet. Deployed as a native app through the Apple App store, WarehouseOS has an extremely simple interface that allows faster and more accurate product picks. Its easy-to-navigate user interface also drastically cuts training time for warehouse workers. Receiving, putting-away, picking, and packaging quickly become the easiest jobs on the floor. Getting a handle on your inventory management gives you more time to focus on further implementing Moon’s steps for success.

To learn more about WarehouseOS or to schedule a free demo, call us at 801-938-7282 or visit https://warehouseos.com/.