The What & The Why of Warehouse Consulting [Case Study]

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Ever wonder how the most prominent brands like Nike, Coca-cola, and Apple find innovative solutions to their storage and shipping needs? They hire the best talent in the industry to solve their problems for them. As a result, their profits are maximized as bottlenecks and problems are fixed.

So how do you afford the best talent in the industry of warehousing to help you fix your logistical issues? This is where consulting comes in.

Why Consultants Are Important In Any Profession

Consulting work is a profession that has been around for centuries now, and it doesn’t seem to be going away. When a company or individual gains years of experience, they can then offer their time and energy as a service to other companies for a fee. This can be invaluable to any company in solving efficiency problems. So let’s look at why consulting work has been so successful over the years.

Leveraging industry experience or comparable experience is one of the main factors in hiring a consultant in any industry and not just warehousing.

It’s very cost-effective. You are hiring a consultant to do a very specific job. There is very little overhead, such as office chit-chat, office meetings, sick time, and so on and so forth. Little time is wasted; instead, it is focused on helping your company overcome its challenges. You only paying them for the work they accomplish.

Improving ROI is what every company is looking for. Will this particular consultant or agency actually be worth it? Will I get my money’s worth? It depends on who you hire, how experienced they are, and whether they are up to date with your industry’s latest technology and methodologies.

That is why it is always advisable first to realize where your company lacks. Do you feel like your worker efficiency is subpar? Are there any glaringly obvious pain points? If yes, then you could very well be in a perfect position to hire a consultant. Most likely, during their initial analysis, they will find many more inconsistencies and bottlenecks that you have missed.

In many cases, just a 10% improvement means consistent savings every month and every year. This can account for thousands of dollars over the lifetime of any company.

This brings us to the next point, obtaining an outside perspective. Of supreme importance, finding someone who isn’t emotionally attached to your business will help bring in new ideas that no one else has had before. An outside consultant will be able to see issues that your employees will often overlook.

Be sure to find consultants who specialize in your needed area. If you need help with improving your storage facility, find expert consultants in warehousing.

What is Warehouse Consultant Work?

It depends on what you want from your consultant. Do you want them to help you with your racking setup and organizational structure? Do you need help analyzing how to set up your pick faces? How about your packing and shipping stations? What about a statistical breakdown of where time is being wasted in your whole operation? Or do you already know the problem and want them to come in and help find solutions?

Warehouse consulting can be anything from helping you know what pallet rack to purchase to assist you in finding the best organization layout for your shipping necessities. It can even help you find the best warehousing software solutions on the market that will meet your needs.

Warehouse consulting is about helping companies and individuals grow and operate to their highest capacity. It’s about maximizing your ROI now and well into the future. It helps simplify problems that keep you up at night. A proper consultant can quite literally find and solve problems you didn’t know were affecting your bottom line.

At Hoj Innovations, we have worked with thousands of companies and completed over a billion dollars in jobs. We have worked and continue to work with many of the top brands around the country, including Böhme, Pitman Creek, Deseret Book, Coca-Cola, and many more.

Ever wonder how these mega-corporations manage their inventory so efficiently? It’s careful analysis, strategic planning, optimization, and flawless execution of those plans that allow them to develop a model that works for them.

That’s precisely what you get when you work with Hoj Innovations.

Our knowledge and expertise can also be yours to help you and your company get ahead by finding unique solutions to improve your facility’s unique problems.

Case Study

Check out one of our latest case studies to see how warehouse consulting transformed their operation! Watch the Bob Barker video below.


Warehouse consulting has many benefits that can help companies achieve total warehouse efficiency. A second set of eyes can discover solutions to problems you may not have seen before or others you may not have known could be resolved.

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